What matters most…

It’s been one of those weeks. I’m learning lots about being a small church pastor. I’m learning that it’s most important to do what really matters. This past week I’ve been trying to figure out how to balance the roles of pastor and administrator. Especially when you’re the only one in the office. I’ve also had fun spending time with folks from church who really want the church to grow not only in Christ, but in the way we attract new folks. We joined the gym that a few in the church frequent. One person made sure I met the regulars this past week when I was at the gym. It was pretty cool meeting some new folks. When it hit me that I was now the pastor of a cool, fun filled, hip, little, Christ centered church was when this church member who was introducing me to folks at the gym said, “I want you to meet my new pastor.” I was thankful for his affirmation and at the same time wanted to say, “where?” The Lord is teaching me lots! By the way thanks to those who came to my installation! You all rock! And thanks to our new church for making the day a special one for me as I start as their new pastor.


4 thoughts on “What matters most…

  1. You’re awesome dude! Devotions went well on Monday. Thanks for the prayers!

    So are you rooting for the Bears or Colts????

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