Mi Casa…

I feel like Tom Cruise in that movie where he’s running with that little white flag to claim his land…what movie was that? We’re in…it’s pretty rad! Boxes galore, last day of fast-food and starbucks…made the quickie run to Trader Joes…kids love the new place. My bride is jazzed and we’re praising God for our new home. Guess what I’m finishing up for the morning???


3 thoughts on “Mi Casa…

  1. If memory serves appropriately for recall….
    It was “Far and Away”(?) not the best movie to watch Tom Cruise acting with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman using Irish accents directed by Ron Howard including a scene where the cinematography left something to be desired when the camera zoomed in and out from an overhead shot that left this one viewer [unimaginatively] wondering, “How do they come up with this stuff?!?” Just seemed a bit too “sappy” to me… (and I actually have gotten to appreciate more so-called ‘chick flicks’ in these mid-years of life)

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