Adios Sacto

We have picked up and have left Sac town…we will miss you Sacto. The biggest thing I will miss about you Sacto is your weather. We’ll also miss some of our friends. These past few days have been a joy because our kids have been blessed by some amazing people at their schools and will be missed by many which makes me happy and I’m thankful to God for the buddies our kids have made these last 3 1/2 years. After several trips to Goodwill and some much needed de-junking we’re resting for the night in Bakersfield. I’m off to finish my sermon and to prepare for Christmas Eve. Zechariah in the morning and…a lessons and carols service. Thanks to Steve, Scotty, and Scott for helping us pack. There was one fellow that showed up out of no where with a huge truck this morning. He took two loads for us to the dump. Thanks Todd or whoever you were, you indeed were a blessing.  I wish I could have had more time to say goodbyes, but as you know life happens. As for church now we’re anxious and I can’t wait to see what the Lord will be doing in my first pastorate. p.s. Best Westerns have Free Wi-Fi!


7 thoughts on “Adios Sacto

  1. I am so glad you are safely in Palmdale. I hope all went well for Christmas and that you were surounded by loved ones and new congregation. Are you doing something at church for new year’s eve? I assume you will be moving into your new house on Friday….I send house-blessing prayers to you, that this home will be filled with happiness, health and hospitality. Does Debbie start work immediately after new year’s? I miss you and send my love and support.

  2. You’re Welcome! If I lived in your new neighborhood, I’d help you unpack too! Ahh the joys of the internet, I just listened to your sermon. Good Job, Reverend!!! You guys have a Happy New Year! Until later. God Bless,

  3. i’ve been thinking of you guys all week and how excited you must be to be getting into your home tomorrow. congrats, and i hope everything goes smoothly with the closing!


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