Having fun…

I’m having lots of fun these last few weeks as I’ve started my new call as a pastor. I had to laugh this Sunday because of some computer issues with folks who are faithful at serving in getting things ready, we were printing bulletins and copying them at the same time an hour before the service. Of course with the help of a couple of folks while I was getting ready for church it all came together. It will be nice to get into a regular routine of being in the office to get the essentials done during the week, so that I can be available to folks, especially prior to service starting. This week we are doing a Christmas drama and it will be nice not to have to pump out a sermon while traveling. God is good and I can’t wait to have my family and I totally moved down to Palmdale. Christmas will be a bit interesting with escrow closing the 29th, but it’s all good! I will have lots more to blog about once we’re settled, until then…peace!


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