Reasons to be joyful…

We are filled with joy this season for several reasons. I’ve started a new call as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church USA. I began this past Sunday as some of you who read my musings might already know. My bride will also begin a new teaching position in January 2007. Our family will for the first time move into a new home if all goes well. We’ve not owned a home yet. By Gods grace we are at a place where we were able to get into a home. Just finished a couple of days ago signing our lives away. If all goes well we will move in December 29th. AS for church I’m loving every second. As a solo pastor there are things you definitely do on your own. I worked on my first bulliten this week and if it weren’t for folks with a servants heart I’d be doing the whole thing. Church is very much about the people of God. I’m finding this is becoming really important for me to practice from day one. Anyways, now I’m trying to get into a sermon writing routine. I appreciate my friend Steve who I asked, “how do you pastor a small church and still manage to write a sermon?” His response which I appreciate is, “If you’re faithful to the people God has called you to pastor, he will be faithful with the word you will need for the people.” (My paraphrase) God is good and I can’t wait for the family and me to be totally moved into our new home so that we can together begin our new journey together with our new church family. Most of all my heart is filled with joy that I get to proclaim good news of a Savior…


4 thoughts on “Reasons to be joyful…

  1. Merry Christmas to you too! So how do you feel about having ANOTHER Giant on your Dodger roster??? Maybe Barry will hit his record breaking homerun off his ex-team mate!!!!

  2. Great post on being a small church pastor. I have found that, as I take time to manage the little things, God has been gracious in revealing His word to me when I have study time. I think it’s the payoff for us solo pastors. God graciously fills in where we don’t have staff to help us.

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