Sermons, fall, and stuff…

Okay. Sitting in a starbucks. I’m Working on my candidating sermon. This week my friend Steve pointed something out after being in Sacto earlier in the week. You see No. California is a cool place for only one reason. Sacramento and other parts have actual seasons. Fall is alive in Sacto. Trees with red and yellow leaves. The starbucks I’m at is in LA county. No red and yellow leaves. šŸ˜¦ By the way I will miss Sacto. It is a great place and maybe one day we’ll be back. Small town feel with some city and urban stuff mixed in. We made some good friends we will miss very much.

The good news is that the church I’m preaching for is jazzed. We’re jazzed, because in a few weeks pending some Presbyterian polity I will be voted in as their new pastor in the morning. Would enjoy your prayers. Now we need a house, a job for my wife, and a really good school for our kids. All in 6 weeks. AGGHHH!!!


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