The first opportunity I heard of the term “coach” was at a recent conference I attended on New Church Development. I was intrigued with this concept because it meant that if there were a pastor interested in starting a new church he or she would have the opportunity to having a mentor pastor. Someone they could call on in times of joy and struggle in ministry Someone who’d come and help them train their leaders. Someone to help cast the vision of a new church and for where the Lord is leading.

I just spent a couple of weeks hanging out with a church where I was an “interim youth guy.” The church hired a new person who didn’t have much experience in regards to youth ministry. What I enjoyed most was being able to help not only the church cast some new vision for youth ministry, but I got to walk alongside this new youth person as they got their feet wet. I felt like a coach of sorts. It was neat. After a year of wondering if I still had something to give to the church when it came to youth ministry and loving kids like Christ loved them, I was able to find a new niche if you will in helping someone get exicted about youth ministry and helping a church discern what they were wanting in regards to youth ministry. I don’t know how much of an impact I made in my time of serving, but I sure felt good and that I was able to offer something back to the church once again. I’d love to start a ministry of coaching for churches and new youth staff. I can see the Lord using me in this area as I begin a new phase in my own ministry as a solo pastor. I’ve only seen one or two ministries, I also know YS is talking about some kind of consulting for youth workers. Marko call me when you do this, I’ll consult for free mochas) I offer you this as my reasoning for such a ministry and the continued need for the church to keep loving kids into the kingdom, especially knowing that there are other youth workers who are about to throw in the towel, who are bruised, and who are in need of someone to walk alongside them and churches who are just at a road block on what to do with the kids they have or who are in need of some simple direction on where to go as they seek to be a church that loves kids into the kingdom.


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