The seven of you who frequent my “blog” know that I’m in the midst of searching for a new call as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church USA. We’re in conversation with folks and were listening to God for direction. When I know more I will be certain to catch you up. I hope to be able to blog about it as soon as all the details are worked out. I know some of you have prayed for me and I’ve sensed the Lord working in our lives and now we just pray and wait and listen.

In looking for that new call as a pastor the difficulty about this process is knowing that my wife and our kids will go through transition again. This is the reality of being a pastor. Transition. Change. New home. New church. New people to love and walk alongside with in the midst of their joys and struggles. Most of all a new community where you get to proclaim the gospel that Christ loves us no matter what. 

In this process for me I want to be a pastor for a community of people looking to find wholeness. Who want to be missional. Who want to grow in their walk with Christ. Who care about becoming a community for a community. This is my hope and my calling. The hard part is knowing what happens to your family when you have to pick up and move to that next place? What if my wife doesn’t find a new job? What if the kids don’t adjust right away? I know God is good and will provide. Kids I know do adjust. I know they will make new friends and will adjust to their new home and their new church. It just breaks my heart knowing that they will be sad. They know the time will come though. They’re aware of the need for dad to find a new call. Its just that I think they’re hoping time will maybe stop. Just briefly. Just the other day our oldest said, “dad, my friends and I want to start a band.” You see he’s become quite the guitarist. My heart crashed to the floor when he said this because of our possible future. It breaks my heart knowing that my wife who found a new job a couple of months ago and how shes enjoyed the stability of having a good teaching position, will have to leave. What if she doesn’t find a new job? What if she doesn’t make new friends? Will she feel that “call” like I’ve felt the call to the church I will pastor?

I’ve felt the Lord work these last few months. I know the Lord is getting us ready for something awesome. What do you do though with the butterflies? Good butterflies I must say. The sermon writing. Preaching every Sunday. Pastoral care. Youth and children’s ministry. Most of all being a pastor to a community of people who are just like me. Can I do this? On the one hand, I can’t stand it…its like waiting for Christmas morning…this is what I’ve been waiting for…on the flip side? I’m scared silly! I’m encouraged to know that I will have some awesome friends and mentor pastors who I know I can call on. I will look diligently for an accountability and prayer group of pastors who meet often. Word on the street is that there is one.  Most of all I know a few pastors who’ve been where I will be. Folks who’ve failed, made mistakes, and continue to be faithful to God and his calling to faithfully love and serve the church. Folks who have families who’ve gone through similar changes in their lives and in their ministry. This train is about to take off!!!! Oh boy! Thank God that God is faithful…”For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord..”


2 thoughts on “Future

  1. Placing our faith in God is the biggest journey of all isn’t?!

    I’m looking forward to the end of the story, or shall I say the beginning of then next story?

  2. Soooooo glad to hear that the pieces of this huge puzzle are starting to fall into place. Know that I am continuing to pray for you and KNOW that God will be faithful to bring you to the perfect place at the perfect time — a church of people who need the gifts what you bring. I’m anxious to know where God is sending you and to hear what He has in store for all of you.

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