Nano, nano, nano

Apple 4 GB iPod Nano BlackWith the sudden drop in price I’m finally the proud owner of a nano, nano, nano. Had a shuffle. He died. Loaded some tunes. Dave Matthews sounds so much better on a nano than a shuffle. Very happy. Any thoughts on good podcast preachers from you podcastians would be a help.


3 thoughts on “Nano, nano, nano

  1. It’s all about Rob. I listen every week. Mars Hill Bible Church Podcast. Search the Religion and spirituality>christianity>…it’s right there.

    I also subscribe to Imago Dei in Portland…but I’ve never listened to it. Haha! It’s the church Donald Miller goes to. Supposed to be cool.

    Look at me…so emergent trendy it’s a little gross. 🙂 Neighbors huh? How cool! Starbucks is so excited. THey’ve missed you in SoCal.

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