Class Trip Complete…

deterding-ys-14.jpgLoved every moment of Yosemite last week. Got to be a chaperon for my sons 5th grade class. I tip my hat to the Yosemite Institute and its work in empowering kids to love the world God has blessed us with. The week started with a hike to the top of Sentinel Dome. I’ve never been to the top until last week.

deterding-ys-49.jpgWe also visited Hetch Hetchy. Kind of like this pic. Never knew there was a Hetch Hetchy and the controversy behind this area of Yosemite. We named Hetch Hetchy, Hush Hushy last week. If they were to ever drain the valley it would take up to three generations for the Valley to become a true wilderness again. Sorry San Francisco, find your water some where else.

deterding-ys-43.jpgLike this pic too. The ash on da face is from hiking down the side of a mountain in route to Tuolumne grove where the big sequoias reign. Loved every moment of this week and it was a hoot to watch our kid get pumped up about being outside! Nice to be home again with the family unit, but I have to say I miss the quiet, the trails, and the scenery.


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