I’ve done lots of reflecting these last few months. I’ve come to the conclusion that any blessing a pastor can receive is his or her time with family. In a few days I get to help chaperon my fifth graders class trip to Yosemite for five days. I can’t wait. We’ve been looking forward to this trip since last year. We actually got to go to Yosemite as a family during the summer, which was awesome. Yesterday I also got to chaperon our kindergartners “bus safety” trip. What a treat to be able to do these things while in the process of searching for a church to serve as pastor. Thank you Lord. What I’m really enjoying is the fact that I’ve implemented into my life a routine of exercise and running. Since December 05, I give thanks to God in that I’ve lost around 22 pounds of flab. Down to a nifty 211. The last time I was 211 was before seminary in June 2000. So, this time of searching for a new call for me is a time to find balance. Balance in all aspects of my life. My marriage, my family, and my call to follow Jesus. Praise be to God!


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