Cookie I’ve been a lazy blogger of late. I’ve been preoccupied with the job search, kids going back to school, and trying to figure out what parts of my life do I need to get in order prior to my next call as a pastor. I had a wonderful interview with a church this past weekend and I’m looking forward to another interview I’m having soon. It is a reminder though that God has given me some much needed free-time with my bride and with the kiddoes that I need to not take this time for granted. Last night it hit me when I was making cookies at 11:00pm for my new seventh grader. Have you ever had "hot" cookies and ice cold milk at 11:00pm? Anyways, I don’t ever recall my parents making cookies for me to take to school for a back to school night and as I gobbled a half dozen "small" chocolate chip oatmeal cookies in the quiet of the night, I was overwhelmed with gratitude from on high that Deb and I get the honor and privilege of being parental units and even though I didn’t receive the same kind of love and care from my own parents, that the Lord has placed it on our hearts to "step up" as parents. As for the cookies I just ran three miles an hour ago. I hope I lost them…


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