It’s only just begun…

Week two has begun. The car-pools have started. School is in full swing. Homework, typing definitions on the computer, and the letter of the week all seem to be filling our house. I’ve even caught the first cold of the school year. RRRGGGGH! Deb’s even having a great time teaching her new class of students. I’m loving it! I’m even hanging out with a youth group right now which is kind of coool. I’m keeping a half a foot in the doors of youth ministry which I’ve always loved. It’s a way for me to remember where I’ve come from in ministry and where the Lord wants me to go. In ministry sometimes you have to go back to the basics. Loving people and giving them Jesus. This is why I do what I do as a follower of Jesus and as a pastor. We get to go to LA this weekend. It will be nice to be away and visiting with friends and family. We will celebrate two birthdays…a 5 year and a 10 year old birthday…wow! How we miss our little babies. I will be preaching here which I’m happy about. It’s a way for me to say thanks to some folks who’ve walked with Deb and I for several years in ministry.  Make sure you stop by Jenny’s place to tell her your praying for her as she finishes her ordination exams for the PCUSA. They are the most fun she will ever have in preparing to becoming a minister of word and sacrament.


3 thoughts on “It’s only just begun…

  1. Um…yeah…fun. 🙂

    I’m excited that you’re coming to LA and will be preaching at church on Sunday! There is a chance I won’t be there (will be in SD on Saturday night), but now I know to try as hard as I can to be there that morning!!!

    PS: Finished my exegesis exam this afternoon! I am free (until the 23rd when the smack comes down)!

  2. Have a great trip! Glad to hear Deb’s enjoying her new gig. We’re continuing to pray for you and know that God’s got something wonderful in store!

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