Fresh start…

My blogging has been limited because of summer and school preparations for our family. I hope to get caught up with some blogging in the next few weeks. I’ve been very thrilled of recent that our boys are finally catching onto the need to help make our home somewhat manageable. We spent some time last week learning how to do chores. I showed them everything from cleaning the bathrooms to washing dishes and placing them into a dishwasher. Guess who’s not doing dishes tonight? YEAH! Anyways, their new list of chores sits on the fridge and their hopes of some kind of benefits for their hard work weekly in the form of a small monetary sum of green cash will pay off I pray. The real treat about today was that my wife started a new teaching job today. She’s teaching a class of Russian/English speaking 2nd graders. I got to help all last week get her class room ready and in order. What a boost for my wife. The boys also started school and I have to admit that I was a blubbering fool. One in kinder, the other starting 5th grade and "JI GAN-TOR" starting Jr. high. I think the treat for me was that as a kid I didn’t have a father who cared enough to get me to school on time and to help make sure I was ready. I get to be the one along with my wife to help get our dudes ready for their new year of school. Praise God for new beginnings. My favorite story from the newbie seventh grader was the locker taking ten minutes to open…some things don’t change.

I’m in conversation with a couple of shweet churches about possible pastorates. Although I’m waiting on pins and needles for a couple, I’m remembering that it’s not my time, but the Lords timing in regards to our future. So, we’re off to a fresh start and here we go again!!!!

5 thoughts on “Fresh start…

  1. Dude. We need to form a “blubber” club. I spend lots of time doing that with my girls.

    Prayers for the potential calls……

  2. KaY sEa,
    Are you going to the Presbytery meeting next month??? If you are, do you want to car pool?

    I’ve got a coaches meeting tonight, so I’ll be home later tonight.

    PeAcE oUt DuDe,

  3. KC-

    I am praying that you will find the place God wants you to be. And whomever they are, they will be lucky to have a pastor with your passion for service.


  4. Yes, that is so super cool that Debbie has that teaching position. I hope her first day went well, too!

    I will be praying for you two as you’re talking with the churches. You have a lot of gifts and so much value. I pray that the Lord will lead you to a great place!

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