Fpch_vbs08 Nice to be home. What do I mean by this? Deb and I had the chance to spend some time with some old friends at Yosemite last week. What a blast. We helped run a small VBS program for a group of kids. It was a treat to serve and I was the bible dude for the week for the kids. I helped my buddy Chauncey lead some music and we got to jam on some of his Celtic music favorites. Deb and I also got to spend time together catching up with these old friends and it was nice. Nice to be with friends who are like minded when it comes to the gospel. The treat for me was that I got to serve communion to these old friends who’ve watched me grow up. Some of these friends are like surrogate parents to me. A representation of the church universal and they all had a part in my life growing up here. Fpch_vbs14_2It was also a treat for our boys and me to climb vernal falls. I know some of you are thinking, so what? Vernal falls is nothing. Why not half dome? Well, it was special because my boys and I did it together. I watched both of them stop often as they breathed in the sights of the climb. The mist trail was the best. Even when I felt like I was going to cough up a lung, I had to get to the top. I couldn’t let this one go by. I never once did this kind of thing with my pop and the memory of doing this together will stay with me for a long time. Fpch_vbs42 They’re already talking half dome…anyways, it was nice to be with these friends and we’re actually looking forward to next year. God is good. I’m jazzed that I get to go again in September. I got selected to be a chaperone on my boys class trip to the Yosemite Institute, one of the boys said, "dad, you better get to the gym, lots of hiking!"


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