Mclaren day 2…

Listened to Brian for the first time tonight at our evening gathering. He spoke on something simple, but yet profound, not just for any new church development pastor or potential (Me) NCD pastor, he spoke on something that not many talk about or people just plain forget about when it comes to ministry. His challenge was that we as pastors learn how to be a friend to ourselves. I kind of like the thought of being my own friend as weird as it sounds. How do I take care of myself when it comes to serving Christ and his church? I also heard today that the PCUSA spends more money on church historical records than starting new churches for the kingdom…hmmm. Didn’t need to hear that…I really did enjoy hearing Brian for the first time, I’m almost done with his (Secret Message of Jesus book) and his heart for the kingdom and because of his experience as a church planter, he was very affirming of the calling that happens when someone takes on the task of starting a new church and also very encouraging to those who’ve worked in the trenches as an NCD pastor. 

2 thoughts on “Mclaren day 2…

  1. Thanks for sharing the conference with me in really dang hot Phoenix. I’m through The Secret Message and about to work through Wright’s Jesus and the Victory of God again. There’s something to this Kingdom stuff…I’m thinking.

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