I want to be like the father…

I remember a song I heard back in the day at a Jr. High church camp several years ago by a guy by the name of Frank Grubbs. Frank Grubbs had a wonderful heart for helping us wee little Jr. high kids learn what it meant to worship the father. Every year. Over and over we sang it. Most of the songs were right out of scripture. When I finally started off in my early years working in youth ministry, I even pulled it out of my hat of youth group songs for the youth groups I helped lead. It worked a few times to get those wee little Jr. high kids in the mood to sing. It was sorta Jamaican like…to bad I can’t sing it for ya. hehe. The words went like this:

"I, I, I want to be like the father, "I, I, I want to be like the son, "I, I, I want to be like the father, to hear him say well done, my good and faithful son, may good and faithful one, my good and faithful son, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done, well done.

After putting one of the guys to sleep tonight and staring at the silhouette of a gift from upon high, out cold, Grubbs song came to mind. I do want to be like the father. I want to live and love like Christ has called us to live and love. How do you truly live and love like Christ loved? How do we model this for our kids? How do followers of Jesus live out their lives before their children? We were at Barnes and Noble recently where i glanced at one of Dallas Willard’s recent books, "The Great Ommission." Right in the introduction he talks about this idea (if I read it right) that to be a follower of Jesus is more than just saying that we’re Christians. It means becoming true disciples of Christ, people who practice living and loving like the father did.

I’ve been thinking lately about how I’ve lived my life not only before my children, my wife, but to those I’ve recently served in the church. Am I truly living like a disciple of Christ? Practicing day to day discipleship? Living and loving like the father did? I wonder if there were times I didn’t live out my faith like Christ has called me to live? This makes me sad and at the same time fuels my desire to be more than just a Christian. I can’t imagine that it’s not by accident that I’m having a sabbatical of sorts if you will. Regrouping and relearning what it means to be truly living and loving like Christ lived and loved. Loving the poor and brokenhearted. Studying God’s Word. Daily prayer. Worship. Silence. Actually reading scripture for my soul. Not just for the sermon I have to write or for the congregation I proclaim the gospel to, but to truly live my heart and life out for the father who has called and sent me out not to just make Christians, but followers and disciples of Jesus. So, muchas gracias Frank Grubbs for that song, that I will now have stuck in my head again for several days. What I’m really grateful for is that if I didn’t learn that song, I wouldn’t have this embedded on my heart. Oh yeah!


4 thoughts on “I want to be like the father…

  1. I always enjoyed Frank Grubbs at Forrest Home as well. He now plays at our Mexico outreaches. Great guy.

    May we all be more like the Father!

  2. šŸ™‚ You don’t have to sing it – I can hear it in my head already. Although if you wanted to sing it, why not just do one of those vlogs that you’ve done before?

  3. i love that song, it is a church camp classic, i just can’t remember the name. if anyone knows the name i would love it! thanx

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