Church shopping…

In the midst of taking some time to rest and looking for a new call as a pastor, we’ve been doing a little church shopping of recent weeks. It’s actually kind of interesting. I haven’t been on this side for a while. What do you look for in a new church? Because of our experience in serving in the church it’s fairly easy to become critical and overly cautious of churches we have visited or want to visit. I have to say with the recent events of the PCUSA I must admit I want to find a church that cares about reaching people for Christ. Ministry first. The ministry of loving people as Jesus loved those he encountered. It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos of church politics and to loose sight of what matters most. It’s easy to forget why we show up each and every Sunday. I want a church that’s confident that it is Christ who really matters and his Word proclaimed. Where the Bible matters. I want to worship in a church where people matter and where the broken hearted can come and find restoration, hope, and a brief moment of rest from the stuff of life. I want to hear and witness mission taking place. Around the world and right next door. I want to witness people unafraid to worship the Lord most high, whether they sit, stand, kneel, shout, or raise their hands without shame. Most of all I want to find a church that cares about going out into the world finding those who want to catch a glimpse of what it means to be part of the kingdom of God. Here on earth. This Sunday I’m preaching for a friend of mine here, while he’s out of town. (Pastor Brian I had a dream that I was preaching and forgot that it was communion Sunday, don’t worry I won’t forget)Then we get back to looking for a place to just be and to witness Christ at work and the people of God being responsive to the call to be like him and to make a difference in the kingdom of God here on earth.


One thought on “Church shopping…

  1. Dude! I’m telling you, the church I serve ( specializes in helping the brokenhearted find love and peace. That seems ot be our calling from God – especially for those who have been hurt by church. Come and check us out. 9:00 contemporary, 11:00 blended. Plus we’ll let you play in our band and help in our ministry.

    (And don’t forget to come and preach there on July 30th!)

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