Time to buy…

My friend Chris has reminded me that my worship "typelists" are outdated. Check out my "new worship typelist" for a couple of albums he’s suggested. Gracias amigo! With the joys of being in a pew right now, I’ve actually enjoyed being able to worship the Lord and be fed. It’s been a nice little break from having any worship leadership responsibilities. We’ve recently visited a few  churches. We’ve really started to like this church and my oldest kid is liking this church for their youth group. The kids have kind of liked going stealth these last few weeks and not having dad be "in charge." Anyways, it’s also kind of cool to be on the receiving end of being a visitor. You notice the little things that you’ve heard folks complain about. You notice when folks go out their way to look for new folks. You also notice when no one notices you. We still haven’t received any kind of greeting from the pastor at one church and the other church we finally got something in the mail after a month. Photo copied signature. hehe.

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