Cheesy Guitar Post

var api = VE_getPlayerAPI(‘1.1’);api.embedPlayer(‘/gid328/cid1096/RS/M0/1151035677XW33GuN1wtTEkYr2SHjh’, 320, 260, false, ”, ‘FFFFFF’, false, ‘opaque’);

I was testing the video egg with my guitar, thinking I might post some of my cheesy guitar abilities on my job blog. As I was testing it, a karate kid in the form of a four year old started beating me up! Listen for the “HA YA” and the guitar wack!


4 thoughts on “Cheesy Guitar Post

  1. Now, I let the kids beat me senseless, but taking it out on the guitar??? KC, I just hope you took care of that proper!

    Peace and love, bro.


  2. OK…worship albums. since you haven’t changed the albums of choice in some time allow me to make a couple of suggestions:

    1: Lincoln Brewster – Live To Worship
    2: Hillsong United – Look To You
    3: Hillsong United – United We Stand
    4: Passion ’06

    Now that you are jobless, it is an excellent time to spend extra cash on music!

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