Father’s day reflections…

Disney57 Because of God’s grace, I will toot my own horn for a few brief lines. I’m a daddy. You see I wasn’t supposed to get this far in my life. Husband for almost 16 years to a beautiful wife. I have a beautiful wife who is a wonderful mom and is a gifted school teacher. Daddy to three beautiful boys. A college and seminary graduate. Took a bunch of years, but I did it. I have friends who can’t explain it either.

From what I can remember, there’s some guy named Miguel who looks like me out in the world, who I’ve never met. He dated my mom and POW! Enter me. When mom was prego with me, Bob the farm boy from Cedar Rapids, Iowa entered the picture. Dad. My dad. Okay. The guy was a nimrod, but he was daddy. Because of his alcoholism, dad died in 1997. Although our two oldest dudes don’t remember, they did meet their grandpa BOB. 

I am grateful tonight because if it weren’t for a few folks in my life who modeled Christ for me and who I looked to for fatherly wisdom, motherly grace, and guidance I would not be the kind of husband and father I am today. I’m even a pastor because of these surrogate parents.  I’m thankful for the church who without hesitation parented me. The church was my surrogate parent. I have a zillion dads and moms. Big brothers and sisters. People who I’ve watched from afar in the way they interacted and loved their family, their spouses, and their kids.

Disney20 If it were not for God working through the church I would not be who I am today as a husband and father. We have three wonderful kids. We are truly blessed. I’m most thankful for my Debbie. Debbie has encouraged me and empowered me to be who God has called me to be as a husband and father. I’m who I am because of Deb’s love for me. I know there are folks who didn’t think we’d make it and who couldn’t imagine me being a dad or husband. I am thankful that I’ve been blessed beyond belief. I’m a husband and I’m a daddy. Most of all I’m a follower of Christ. This rocks. It’s by God’s gracious act of love that I’m a daddy, that I get to give back to our kids what daddy couldn’t give me. It’s by God’s grace that I get to be the kind of husband for Deb that my dad wasn’t to my mom. It is because of Christ, that we get to give each of our boys the love of Christ that was given to me by a group of folks a bunch of years ago. And yes. Daddy. It was because of you that you convinced mom to keep me and not put me up for adoption. It is because of you that you met an elder from church who invited you to bring your boys to church. Happy Father’s day dad and thank you Lord that I get to be daddy. And tonight as I put boy number three to bed, we learned Jeremiah 29:11. "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord…thanks be to God!


One thought on “Father’s day reflections…

  1. Thanks for sharing your miraculous life. May God continue to bless you as you have been blessed already and as you continue to bless others.And may God’s blessings fall upon you just because God is God and loves you so.

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