Disney ROCKED!

Disney ROCKED!

Spent three days at the Magic Kingdom. It was awesome and refreshing to be together as a family. Our kiddoes loved it! Here’s a pic I loved. The little guy behind the wheel was doing his best at steering this little flea of a car that seemed to go so slow. I will have a few more pics in a while. By the way? The California Grand Hotel is a wonderful place to be when you have a hopper pass. Anyways, haven’t seen California Adventure since it was built. We really enjoyed the option of having two places to go and especially the option of going back to your room if you needed a break. We ate here twice. The pizza was cheap and the pasta was not that bad.


One thought on “Disney ROCKED!

  1. KC –
    Someday the Wilson’s will go to Disneyland – but in the meantime Half Dome and college visits will have to do! I’m glad you’re taking some time to be with your family. When are you guys gonna come over for dinner?? The pool is ready…

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