Old Post 1

Below is an old post I had written prior to leaving my former church. I love this church with all of my heart. It’s where I got my first start as a pastor. I’m especially thankful for those I served Christ with. I now look forward to the next few months of regrouping and rethinking what the Lord has called me to do as a pastor. I’m looking forward to some much needed time with family and friends. It’s most certainly refreshing to be in a pew rather than up front. I’ve already started conversing with folks about my future. In the mean time I pray for those I served, with hopes that the Lord will continue to move and work in their lives as well as mine and my family.

Well, I’ve almost finished cleaning my office. It’s the cleanest its ever been. 21 boxes of books. 5 boxes of files of seminary stuff and desk junk. All I need to do now is burn some files onto CD and organize my computer over the next week. I never thought it would be so difficult. I missed the class on how to cope with the grief that comes with leaving a church. This afternoon I watched a video of my candidating sermon three years ago this June. "Make it simple silly." My text was from I Thessalonians 2:8-9. My thesis was simple in that I told the church I would not only give them the gospel as best as I could, but that I would give them my life as well. With confidence I know I’ve given them the gospel and my life both. The hard part now is finding time for closure with some folks I’ve come to love. If anything I’m grateful for my first call as a pastor here, it’s where I officially began my ministry. How do you leave a church? How do you say good-bye even in the midst of the reality that it just didn’t work out for whatever the reasons are? I know for certain I don’t regret being called here. I don’t regret it one bit and I will take with me several hard lessons learned as a pastor that will only benefit my future in serving Christ and his church. I have one more week of tying up a few loose ends. Would enjoy your prayers. Especially for my family who is also grieving. One of the hardest days of my life was a couple weeks ago trying to explain to my kids why dad wouldn’t be going to church and why we were going to visit a friends church. Any of you pastors out there who’ve gone through transitions in ministry, I’d love your wisdom.


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