Class of 2012 & 2018

Ty_graduation_0603 Graduation. One from elementary school today and one from pre-school. I’ll have a few pics later. It was just yesterday that our oldest graduated from pre-school here. I wanted to cry like a baby when I saw our little guy sporting his pre-school sized stapled graduation cap. Anyways, I’m now blogging on the joys of being a husband, father, and parent. I’m also actively searching for a new call. For those visiting from my former church, I welcome you to my blog. I truly have some wonderful memories of serving you all and with you all. I’m especially grateful for the opportunity you all gave me to finish up my ordination process as a minister of word and sacrament in the PCUSA. Pastor Keith and Carol have been wonderful cheerleaders in that process and I’m grateful to have served with them. I don’t regret one second coming to CPC. I’m even more confident now that the Lord has called me to serve his church as a pastor and to proclaim Christ to all those I meet and greet. Thank you!!!!! I will miss you and I will pray for you often as you begin a time of transition. Keith and Carol don’t forget  to build the coffee bar! We’re off to the land of Mickey for three days. I’m actually sitting in a tire shop getting our tires fixed before we leave. Free internet rocks!!!


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