A Minister’s worst fear…

Recently talking with my Senior Pastor about whether or not he had missed a Sunday because of day light savings time. He had told me a story of an old pastor he served with who was to preach on one particular Sunday and forgot to set her clock forward…

Guess who forgot to set his clock forward? Silly me. Thank God it wasn’t my turn to preach and that luckily I was ready to walk out the door this morning when I recieved the very nice phone call from my boss. At least all of the police were at church, eating breakfast, or doing whatever they do on a Sunday morning at 8:30am as I graciously drove to church…


4 thoughts on “A Minister’s worst fear…

  1. Ha! This could only happen to guys like you and me. Come on over to my blog….and see what our family is up to this week!

  2. saw this on the side and thought to myself it has to be the clock going back. Yes I’ve had a problem like this one, thankfully im usually an hour early to catch up on any calls before the service so i just made it with a bad hair day look

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