Jury Duty

Finished jury duty today. My first time. Not guilty. Why? Because of a three line paragraph about what constitutes a DUI. Here’s the scenario tweaked obviously for my blog. Person 1 is seen getting out of the car by officer 1. Officer 1 never actually witnessed person 1 driving the viechle. Officer 1 only saw person 1 getting out of driver side of the car. Person 1 had over a .22 BAC. The jury was undecided for almost 5 hours. 8-4. 10-2. 11-1. Then we read the little paragraph defining a DUI. Some of us were in the minority…until we read that little silly stinky DUI paragraph. The person must be seen driving the viechle to constitute a DUI. (My paraphrase) The kicker in all this? Reflecting on my experience I was actually pretty glad that I was picked to serve. I felt thankful that I played a small tiny little part in our judicial system. Although, our judicial system stinks on some days and other days rocks, I still was honored to serve. What I was really impressed with and I guess this is the norm for the newbie lawyer was when both the DA and the public defender (was his first case) wanted our feedback on what they could have improved on in the delivery and in their presentation of each of their arguments. So, for a half hour or so we all got to give feedback. I thought that was pretty cool. It reminded me of preaching class in seminary when my whole preaching group got to ding each other and affirm each other for each of our sermons. What if the pastor preacher person on Sunday morning actually after the benediction stopped and said, "Now before any of you leave, I would like to improve in my craft as a preacher. Please join me in the fellowship hall for a time to critique my delivery, my content, and my exegesis of this mornings sermon." Come on preachers…give it a shot!   


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