Finished Barna and his Revolution book. I like some of his stuff (not all) and what he’s trying to get at with the whole thing about folks finding God outside the church walls. I know the church has disappointed many when it comes to its ability to develop and equip the people of God. It almost seemed like he was saying folks aren’t going to wait any longer for things to start happening. I get this. I’m also still convinced though that the church needs to be a place where people can find God and become the true Church. I’m convinced that the church needs to rethink what it’s doing when it comes to reaching the world for Christ. It means we need to change quickly. It means we need to be more intentional about loving people and walking alongside them.

I’m back to finishing McNeal’s Present Future book and I think McNeal gets the whole need to change thing within the church and what the church needs to start thinking about when it comes to reaching the world for Christ in to days culture:

"When church people hear the tough question I am suggesting ("How do we hit the street with the gospel?"), they still think in church terms. It goes like this: "we’ll do an outreach project, but we expect that the end result is that people who choose to follow Jesus will follow him back to our church (or at least, some church)." Or I run into this attitude all the time: "We’ll do this community stuff  after we handled all our programs, funded the services for club members, and paid salaries for ministers who spend their time almost exclusively on church members." Pg. 26

Back to reading.


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