Blogging Blues

I’ve experienced some blogging blues of late. I’ve found myself caught up in the joys and struggles of life and of ministry. In many ways its been a sabbatical of sorts from the blog which can be somewhat addicting I must confess. Although I don’t claim to be the most gifted of writers as some others I know, I do feel I have lots to offer the blogging world. I’m just trying to find my niche. In many ways you can say I’ve hit a wall when it comes to this blogging thing. To those seven or so folks. I will return. I will dig deep. I will come back strong. In the meantime props to those in the Olympics who give of their heart and guts and who seek to follow Christ even in the midst of heart- ache and who aren’t ashamed of the gospel. Thank God for people like Kelly who put on Christ and his heart daily.

HT: Thy Grace


4 thoughts on “Blogging Blues

  1. Dude, your niche is you. If you want hits mention homosexual, sex, XXX, nude Jessica Simpson in a post. Your stats will light up like a nuclear test sight in the Nevada desert.

    I for one, like to know you’re there.

    I read the Lowry, Homiletic Plot, yesterday, per your suggestion. Loved it. It’s interesting that in the latest republication his afterward mentions some of the up to date conventions of preaching. That alone, along with the rest of the book, was worth the price! Thanks for the suggestion.


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