Scary…stuff…good ol’ pcusa

I’m at a denominational conference on the east coast. I heard a frightening stat this morning. 86 persons per day leaving…leaving…leaving the church. 1 person every 17 minutes. How come no ones freaking out?

9 thoughts on “Scary…stuff…good ol’ pcusa

  1. I wonder the same thing. It really is scary and for what ever reason, the PCUSA keeps fighting the same battles over and over and never asking the questions of how to change this scary trend. I am at a loss and just really do not understand.

  2. When I became a christian in 1985, my presbyterian pastor said he believes that the presbyterian church is the closet to the format of the early church in Acts. Well, he has recently been kicked out of his church and started a non-presbyterian church…..I am still hanging in with the presbyterians…..

  3. I’ve been thinking about this…communion is both bread and wine, together, always, on purpose. Bread is best served fresh and new, the warmer and more fragrant the better. Wine, on the other hand, is best aged and of the finest vineyard. When we look to the bread and think, “we don’t need new and fresh, croutons will do,” and “let’s keep the good wine on the shelf and share the Gallo,” we forsake communion and worship. The people of God are sensitive to this and the sad part is that the non-d church down the street is a new, untried vineyard, but the fragrance of bread can be inhaled for miles around.

    We, the church, have to be willing to accept that our audience has changed and seldom rides a horse and buggy to church. At the same time, placing high appreciation on the wisdom and experience of our father and mother’s traditions and values.

    Break the bread. Pass the cup. We need them both, together, always.

  4. I’ve been watching the PCUSA freak out about this for decades. From my point of view, it is frustrating. Every pastorate I’ve served has grown, but I’m not sure what I’m doing that is different from others.

  5. While I appreciate the PC(USA) form of church government and its structures, the people in the church redevelopment network convinced me several years ago that the really actions is in the local congregation.

    The national offices can go off on whatever weird tangent helps them remember the “good old days,” and at the same time, down in the trenches, we’ll keep working to spread the gospel, make disciples, feed the hungry (pyisically and spiritually), and comfort the afflicted.

    I’m helping to plan a conference that will be held in Las Vegas next October. The goal there is to equip congregations in the PC(USA) to reach people in a new century. (See – more information will be posted there soon.)

    People are doing something. It’s just not happening in Louisville.


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