What’s my role?

Started reading "Revolution" this morning. My questions thus far; Where do I fit into Barnas take on the current state of the church and the people of God if I’m a pastor? If people are giving up on the established institution and are finding God in other places amidst community, where does the role of the pastor fit into this shift? Or is it a charge for me as a minister to help push the people of God to a place of spritual maturity, to a place where they feel they can experience true intimate worship of God? Where they are being pushed to a level of Christ like servant-hood where the broken hearted, the poor, and the outcast are experiencing the love and acceptance of Christ? If what I’m reading is true, my role in the years to come is going to become one of helping the people of God right out the doors of the church (Guessing they might not need my help) and into a community of faith where they can find God, experience his love, and serve him with all of their heart, soul, and mind? I’m also guessing "church" programs will die and ministry that is about being missional and life changing is what I will be creating with the people of God. My role will become more of one that helps send the people of God out into community and figuring ways out on how to empower them to find Christ in community. Kind of exiciting, but there is a part of me that still has to rely on the importance of finding community within the community. How do I do this as a pastor? How do I facilitate this kind of spritiuality for the people of God, for those who want it so bad that they can taste it? How do I help with the healing of those who have legitimate feelings about "church" and who feel compleltly spewed on? I still have to rest on the fact that for me it was the community within the community that God used as one of the mechanisms in bringing me to Christ. For it was the grace of God working through the people of God within the core, the heart, of the "church," the truest of communities that pushed me towards the kind of faith I was to have and should have as a follower of Jesus. Without this community called "church" I would not be the kind of husband, father, and pastor I am today. I then after reading some of Barna this morning remembered something about "Church"  from the Boo (PCUSA BOOK of Order); "The Church is called to undertake this mission even at the risk of losing its life, trusting in God alone as the author and giver of life, sharing the gospel, and doing those deeds in the world that point beyond themselves to the new reality in Christ." And thank God I remembered my call as a pastor when it comes to empowering the people of God here, here, and here. Barna, I Will read on!

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One thought on “What’s my role?

  1. Hey friend,

    My brother went to Princeton.

    Check this our later today if you can.

    Barna’s new book “Revolution” will be discussed Friday night (2-3-06) on the nationwide Moody Broadcasting Network.

    “Open Line” is a call-in show which is aired at 8-8:55 pm CT. The phone number to participate is 312-329-4460.

    What Barna is setting forth in this book has obviously been subject to a wide variety of opinion and speculation. He was personally invited to clarify the issues. It should be an informative exchange.

    For station and time of broadcast information see http://openlineradio.org. The programs are archived for download/podcast if you’re unable to tune in.

    Every blessing.

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