Vans_0207276b_imgTwo of our three kids have mentioned the same phrase over the years. Now my youngest has picked up this phrase. You see when I’m out at church, away from home, gone all day, I have to be honest my heart aches when I don’t see my bride or my kids. With church there are some nights I might not see the kiddoes or Deb until the next morning.

When I walk into the house, from the garage, drop my bag to the floor, and greet the family, my youngest like the others, now says, "daddy, take your shoes off." Of course it took me a while to figure out why I needed to take my shoes off so quickly with the other two, but I did get the hint. hehe.

These kids knew dad was home for the night if I took my shoes off. It meant that they could chill and know dad was home for good that night if the old dogs came off. One of my biggest hopes is that I become the kind of husband and father that remembers to stop and to listen to those in my life who love me and who’d like me to just be present in their lives. Thank you Jesus that you are the one present with us and that you stop to just be who you are as our God and as our king. One who loves and adores us and who holds us ever so close. SO, you parental units…"Take your shoes off."


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