Missional Church

This morning I got to again here Reggie McNeals Present-Future seminar sponsored by Fuller Seminary. Overall Reggie McNeal did an excellent job at presenting the different cultures within the life of the church and it was impressive that he presented each of these cultures or generations in a way that was simple for the "boomer" types to grasp. He also conveyed the need for the church to become missional in the way it does church. I had spent some of my time at Princeton being introduced to what it means to be post-modern and to be a missional body through folks like Darrell Guder. What if we actually made our worship experiences a time to listen to what God is doing and how God is working in the midst of the people of God? What if our preaching was a time for hearing those who’ve been moved by Christ and his Holy Spirit to love the poor and the sick?  What if the church worked at loving its own community through showing Christs compassion? I resonated with the way he described the differences between the Gen-X and Millennial cultures that those in attendance yesterday and this morning got a good grasp of what many in the church, but even more in our world are needing when it comes to authentic spirituality in finding God.

I guess I’d fall into the Gen-X culture of church wanting and needing authentic relationships as a means for knowing and following Jesus. Evangelism in essence really is bringing Christs love to those cultures who have for whatever reason given up on church. McNeal showed a Ryan Bolger clip where Professor Bolger from Fuller seminary describes what it means to bring the gospel to those cultures who’ve stepped away from the church. Mcneal really pushed those who were in attendance this morning to become open and ready to listen to what it means to be post-modern and really helped clarify what it means to be "emergent or emerging." Loved every second of these past couple of days and will listen to Mcneal’s CD’s to continue processing what I heard and I’m pondering when it comes to being missional in the way we present the gospel, God’s grace, and his love to the world and to those right next door, across the street, and in our communities.


One thought on “Missional Church

  1. If you don’t blog on this exact topic at great length, I shall have to come up there, and personally kick your hiney! I want to hear lots more!

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