Book of Daniel

Jesus_dude In the midst of kid stuff tonight I forgot that the premiere of the Book of Daniel was on tonight. I’ve watched the last half hour. I know there is and has been some heated debate about the sitcom. It was long enough for me though to catch up with the hour and a half I missed, but short enough to catch all of the themes. The gay son. The gay sister in law. The adopted Asian American son who’s being rejected by his girl friends family because of his ethnicity and the question of ethics that the priest has to make about having the mafia fund a church school (and what i just heard on the news, the pill popping priest who talks to the jesus dude). I’m still processing all of the themes just in the half hour I watched. True confessions. Am I uncomfortable? Yes. Am I surprised. No. I’m now trying to figure out how to listen and process the conversations I will hear and partake of these next few at church. What do you say to all of the themes to those who will be frustrated? Angry? Sad? If anything the show is another "discussion" starter of sorts. It’s just sad that again this will divide and that both liberal and conservative sides will duke it out over the themes in the show. If anything it makes me ask how far is to far when it comes to poking fun at heated theological issues and ethical issues on television when it comes to faith, church, and religion? Just from my half hour of watching, did they get all of the themes right that the church has struggled with over the years? Yup. More thoughts to come when I can actually watch a whole episode.   


4 thoughts on “Book of Daniel

  1. ya, my mom, dad, and i were talking about it last nite… we didn’t watch it cuz we were kinda disgusted…. but it is true this is what the church is dealing with… sad…. hey im still not a student blogger!!! augh!! : )

  2. truth be told, I don’t actually have TiVo. The cable company, COX, has a similar box to Comcast’s. It’s worked out well for us and having never had TiVo, we’re none the wiser!

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