Stop this train!

Just got home from a neighborhood park where San Juan Unified Schools hosts "open enrollment period," for all of its neighborhood schools. Our oldest begins that lovely phase we call Jr. high this fall. Seventh Grade. Our youngest begins Kinder. The start time for open enrollment was 2pm. We arrived at 1:45pm. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life. Almost 200 persons in line. We left. I had flashbacks of community college in the mid 80’s when I was enrolling in the fourteen year plan of college at the University of Glendale College. hehe.

My real purpose for this post is to recognize the reality that our kids grow up way to fast. This train called family is passing by to fast. Slow down. The challenge in this part of life is to stop, to enjoy, and to breathe in the goodness of God when it comes to celebrating our kids. I hope and pray that these years will slow down just long enough for us to watch and to listen to what the Lord has planned for them. What I get a kick out of about this train moving way to fast, is when I recently stared at my oldest and noticed that he’s sporting a stache like his father sported when he was entering Jr. high. Uggh.


3 thoughts on “Stop this train!

  1. KC:
    This topic is one of the major sub-themes of my life these days. I want to know what the deal is with the concept of time. Youth is wasted on the young, it is said. How can I be faithful with day, each moment?

    Peace bro.

  2. Congratulations you are about to hit the milestone I hit 3 years ago….when your kid enters your youth ministry! Pretty fun!!

    Now she is in high school! Unbelievable!

    Life blows by waaay too fast! Enjoy it while you can!

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