Walked through the market this morning on the way to church. Christmas decorations gone. Valentine decorations up. It truly blows me away of how quick the transformation takes place from one holiday to another. I’m still cleaning my office up from Christmas Eve, let alone plan for some other holiday. (Cheese whiz part of this post) I’m truly sad every year by the transformation that takes place even in our own churches. It’s a feeling of being jerked back and forth. (Rant over)

Preached this past Sunday. You can hear my sermon here. I felt good and happy with the work I did. It was nice to fly solo on communion Sunday as my colleagues were off for a day of rest. Good news is that tonight we had our first parents meeting for our annual Mexico mission trip. I love our mission trips. The struggle is always wanting to make these trips life changing and more than just a bunch of high school kids taking a week off. This year we are going back with APU. How come these trips seem to always creep up on you? It seems like yesterday that we just got back from last years trip. On a different note I’ve moved into the land of the "Ipod" shuffle. My buddy Geoff was blessed with two free Ipods and gave me one as a Christmas present. I will try it out and see if I’m an Ipod kind of guy. Thanks Geoff!!!!

4 thoughts on “Typical…

  1. Sorry I haven’t called you back. Thanks for the messages and calls. I’ll try and take a listen to your sermon soon. I’m stoked you got an Ipod. I myself had a friend give me one as well.
    I guess this is a welcome to the Ipod world for both of us. If yours is a NEW one and you don’t like it, I’ll happily relieve you of it.

    Take care bro.

  2. hehe. If I were youth minister cool…I’d have the million gig play back Bono music video 500 zillion pics of my family 10th generation Ipod!

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