“Kid comment of the night…

Mwhgil3sfxTook boy number three tonight to do last minute shopping for Christmas. I’m jazzed about what I got Deb. Always nice to have my brides gift bought two days in advance (Only took 15 years to get that right). As boy number three and I strolled through the overly crowded mall and passed by the long line of persons waiting to see Santa, Ty says, "that’s not Santa. What’s his name?" I smiled of course. (If bored right now with this post, make your own speech bubble here)

HT: Marko


2 thoughts on ““Kid comment of the night…

  1. My wife was walking through the mall over here in Santa Rosa with my four year old son Obadiah when she asked him if he wanted to stop by and see Santa Claus. Obadiah looked up at Katie and said, “Mom, Santa Claus was a real person but he’s dead now.” Katie said that the parents around them shot looks of disgust and horror as they hurried to cover their children’s ears!

    Pretty funny!!!

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