Reflections from the other side…

I will occasionally browse a few blogs of our students here at church. Although some of the content I’ve noticed would scare the "snot" out of some of their parents, occasionally you find well thought out reflections on issues that they are facing and dealing with as youth. Here is something I found over the weekend:

Christmas really never ceases to amaze me. Think about everything that
Americans can do or stress about and put it together in one season =
Christmas. Why is Christmas stressful? Maybe it’s because finals? Or
maybe all the shopping we have to fit in a one week period? Visiting
relatives? Events and parties to go to? Christmas caroling? Decorating?
Cooking and baking? Putting up the Christmas tree [fake or real!]?
Christmas pageants? Wrapping presents? Sometimes with all the things we
think we have to do, we get so wrapped up in the commercialism and
CULTURE of the holiday season. We forget why we even HAVE Christmas in
the first place. Sure every one knows what really Christmas is, we’ve
heard it every year at church since we were 2! But do you really
UNDERSTAND it? I don’t think I’ve ever really understood Christmas
until this year. (A lot can happen in a year…) This year, my family
won’t be celebrating Christmas like "normal". There won’t be any
presents under the tree. No family visiting. No Christmas lights (for
now). Sure we’ll still go to church. But yet, I’m sure it will be the
best Christmas ever because we’re going to focus on other more
important things… like helping others… feeding the hungry (both
spiritually and physically)… remembering Christmas as it was made to
be… a holiday of remembering JESUS! The real reason for the season!
If you think of Christmas this way, all the stress seems to fade
away… so just remember when ur stressed out… Jesus IS THE reason
for the season! luv you all! And merry Christmas!

HT: Alicia-Bo-Beesha


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