I love my time away from church…as long as I stay away from the church that is…this morning "chicken little" AKA boy number three had a doctors appointment to have a water gun ear wax remover stuffed down his ear…let’s just say…that the boy had more wax in his ear than our advent candles at church…whoever invented the ear wax remover for kids…you are very blessed and loved by parental units across the world…boy number two…well…get’s a nasty cold..stays home…has to run errands with boy number three and myself…had fun watching wax being sucked out of little brothers ears…cleaned house…made dinner…"tostada night"…before dinner, I ran to the store, the meat guy in the meat section of Safeway tells me this story about a woman today who pulls up in her Yukon to the wannabe built in Safeway Starbucks store (Real Starbucks Store with real drive thru only 2 minutes away in the same parking lot of built in wannabe Starbucks store in Safeway)…leaves her car running…runs in, grabs mocha, comes out of built in wannabe Starbucks at Safeway…her Yukon, gone! Lessons learned on day off? Keep an eye on wax boy and when I’m able to afford a Yukon one day…don’t leave it running in front of wannabe built in Starbucks store…back to the office in the morning to meet with a fellow pastor buddy and his youth director to discuss the transition from big church youth ministry to small little Presbyterian church youth ministry…what I shall I say? The only thing I can think right now is found here. 

4 thoughts on “DAY OFFFFFF!

  1. When I was younger my parents kept taking me to have hearing tests b/c people would talk right to me and I would have no idea they were talking to me. Every time I went to the doctor’s however, I had perfect hearing. Sadly, it didn’t appear to be something that could be fixed by an ear wax remover. To this day I am unconsciously rude on a regular basis on people speak to me and I continue on my way, unaware that a word was said.
    Most of the time I can hear perfectly though. I think my ears are fine, I think it is a disconnect somewhere in my brain. Ohhh well, not much you can do about it, aye?

  2. Thanks for spending part of your day off with Jen and me. You really have a gift for helping young people to seek God… Sharing it on your day off is extra cool.

    Carne asada burritos and/or Starbucks (not the Safeway kind) are available any time you feel like coming down and escaping Carmichael!

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