After reading this post, this next week should be an interesting week in blogging in the land of emergent. I don’t claim any side, what I do enjoy is the discussion taking place which I believe will only empower the church universal in rethinking how to do church in the 21st century. We had Sweet at our church last year, and I was very impressed with his presentation on post-modernity issues and its relevance in the church today. Was Satan present???? Nope.


3 thoughts on “WOW!

  1. I remember when I was a “baby” christian, still feeling my way around the whole expreience; I remember hearing a song by DeGarmo and Key (classic Christian rock, for those of you under 3 decades) “Brother Against Brother.” It was written as an open letter of sorts to Falwell after he had sharply criticized CCM (the music not the mag) as inherently unchristian. I remember the song, not because it “fired back” (which it didn’t, btw) but began with a conciliatory tone, “Will you say a prayer, for me? I’ll say a prayer for you. We’ve got a long way left to go.” Almost 20 years later, we still do. I was angered at first when I read that post, but now, I’m mostly just saddened. It’s not enough that the mainline church in America is failing to attract my generation: now we have brothers and sisters sniping at those who dare to dream new dreams. God, forgive us all.

  2. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something. The best books I have read this year are by Brian McLaren and I have not found half-truths or heresies. Instead I have found a challenge to continue to be relevant in a world that is changing in many areas and yet staying the same in many others.

    There is a big difference between being relevant and relativism. I think many people look at the legitimate questions emergent is asking and see compromise with the world. I don’t see that at all. What I do see is a recognition that what worked in the past doesn’t necessarily have the same impact today. Time to search out how the church will continue to reach out to a postmodern generation.

    And just in case anyone thinks I’m some radical youngster, I’m over fifty. But I believe that God still wants to communicate in a real way with today’s world. That doesn’t mean that I am a postmodernist (I barely understand the whole concept but I see its effects in society) but it does mean that I am supportive of those engaged in a conversation to discover what to do about its influence in this world. And, in my own small way, I want to be a part of that conversation.

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