My favorite time of year…

Picture445_27nov05(Our tree here at church)
When I was growing up at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, one of my favorite times of the year was the advent season. I loved when the church would get all decked out with its Christmas liturgical gear. What I remember most of all was the candlelight services at 11:00pm every year on Christmas eve. It was one of the most beautiful services I’d attend all year long and it was a time for the church to give thanks to God for his Son. Here at our church we have three services. My favorite service again is the candlelight service we do at 11:00pm. It’s a time for the church universal to give thanks for the Christ child. If you are one of the 10 or so readers who stop by, check out Mark’s stuff on Advent. You will be pleased with his series on advent and it’s meaning.


4 thoughts on “My favorite time of year…

  1. Oh the joys of the holiday season and working at a church…I think this may be the busiest season (besides summer)!!! Hope are well Kasey…miss the good ol days of my church and your church together at FH!!! So fun!

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