Post-Turkey Day Pt. 2

One of our greatest joys this recent thanksgiving was to watch our kids. I enjoy watching them have fun and I love listening to them. Most of all I enjoy watching them grow up. What makes me sad is to know that they will grow up way to fast. Therefore I want to make holidays like Thanksgiving some what enjoyable and memorable. I remember one Thanksgiving when I was a kid, where we went to the Sizzler for dinner. Although, maybe fun for others, and a C+ for effort for my parents attempts at trying to make Turkey day pleasant, I couldn’t enjoy the holiday. As I sat in that little restaurant booth in Hollywood, watching my pop and mom try to smile and my brothers wanting to kill each other,  I felt sadness more for my family than the fact that we were eating a turkey dinner ordered off a menu. The sadness was that something was missing. Something wasn’t right. I felt like the urban version of a "Christmas Story" in many ways. I felt like I had something that they weren’t ready to recieve and in some ways I grieve that I didn’t try harder at communicating Christ’s love, hoping that somewhere along the way they recieved his love and grace. As I process this recent Turkey day I’m thankful for my wife. I’m thankful that our kids are healthy and happy and I’m thankful that somehow I’ve managed through the list of memories that always seem to pop up at Thanksgiving and Christmas that always remind me of the pain of having a family split apart because of drugs, alcohol and other stuff when I was a kid. I’m thankful that the Lord has called me to be a pastor to the people. I’m most of all thankful that what I had in my life as a kid was Jesus and his love watching over me. I’m thankful for his grace. Only if my family could have experienced the same kind of joy and grace in knowing and being loved by the savior. A grace I desire for our kids to know and to remember everytime we gather for a holiday, whether it’s at Aunt Tina’s for turkey or at a Sizzler.

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