The Substitute…

Teachermonkey(A pic of Mr. Wahe) Today I ventured out into the world of "substitute" teaching. I got the call, "can you come in for a few hours?" Sure. I arrived in the midst of a sea of students here. A few of the students who attend my youth groups at church saw me which was very cool. "When you coming to my class to sub?" When I got to the main office of the high school, I met the teacher who was actually on campus doing something else. Met the substitute person in charge of subs and she says something like, "how do you feel about high school 11th grade bible?" I laughed. I’m really looking forward to taking a few hours a month to go and sub at a local Jr. high or high school. I can’t think of a better way to connect with some of the youth of our church community and to also meet some new kids. On a different note got to hear one of our youth give a report about a mission trip she went on to Jamaica last summer at a high school chapel this afternoon. I’ve always been impressed with my friend Alicia. A woman of God and a heart for loving the people of God. You can check out her "myspace" here.   


4 thoughts on “The Substitute…

  1. Does this mean you passed the CBEST? ‘Cause if not you need to take it. Then you can go sub at my old high school, which is blue ribbon again.

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