A car ride funny…

I love car rides. Especially when you are with your kiddoes. They can be fun…thrilling…loud…and cute too. You see we love our kiddoes. All of them have given to us those moments in life where we wish we can just press the pause button on life and relive them all over. I was recently driving with my pre-schooler who (if you know us well, is a combination of our two others kiddoes and some have said that he’s even my clone). As we were driving he was talking to himself. Not a surprise. (At his Christian pre-school he attends, they on a daily basis recite this and this with his little buddies.) As I listened I thought oh my gosh, I have to record this……and if it weren’t for my cool little palm pilot pda treo thingy….I couldn’t have caught this classic moment…


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