When it’s your own…

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It’s begun. Those of you who are parents and experts on the art of balancing the roles you have as parent and pastor, do you ever feel like your kid is about to explode? The moral dilemmas of the pre-teen adolescent have begun. You see. I’ve spent a bazzilion hours counseling other kids about their moral dilemmas that occur on a daily basis. I know all the right questions. I have all the right answers….at least I think I do…hehe What’s new to me is what to do when it’s your own kid that is in need of that “pre-teen counseling” youth pastor inside of me regarding those moral dilemmas my kids face daily. I’ve shared some over the months that I didn’t receive much in the area of guidance, wisdom, and direction from the parental units when it came to facing those moral dilemmas of life. It was those surrogate parental units at church in the form of youth leaders, pastors, “church parents,” that loved me and were my sounding boards when I needed that ear of wisdom and assurance that whatever I’m trying to decide will not only help me, but will help others. My question? How do you keep from going into “youth pastor” mode without your pre-teen child wanting to hang you from the steeple of the church with all of your well thought out wisdom that you’ve acquired over the years?


2 thoughts on “When it’s your own…

  1. Ouch! Very good question. Might I suggest running into the back yard and screaming at the moon? Very therapeudic. Praying for good Christian community to surround you now, good friend.

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