My wife…

Kcdeb2 The Young Couple… Marriage. God’s grace. My wife. God’s grace filling my heart and life daily. I’m the husband and father I am today because of Debbie. If it weren’t for the grace of Jesus living and breathing through her daily as my wife and the mother of our boys, I don’t know where I’d be without my wife and my friend. You see Debbie and I have come a long way. We laugh because we know our friends laugh with us and at us because no one pictured us being married let alone being married 15 years as of tommorow (November 10). I love you Debbie. You make me happy and I’m grateful for the gift of your love and grace to me daily and the thrill it’s been to walk together as husband and wife and to watch, listen, and to laugh as we get to ride together the joys of marriage, parenthood, friendship, and ministry. Thank you Jesus for my Debbie.

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