A Nooma moment…

Nooma. I’m a fan of Bell’s attempts at helping illustrate basic truths about Christianity on a level that both youth and adults can grasp. This past weekend I spoke here to a group of a 105 Jr. high goobers. I’m convinced that Jr. high kids are giant goofy sponges that have the ability to grasp basic simple truths if made applicable. I showed a Nooma clip called LUMP. If you’ve seen LUMP it’s hard not to want to ball like a baby in the prescence of our gracious God. If you haven’t watched it, go watch it. The scene that jumped onto my most inner being was when Rob’s son runs up stairs, climbs into his parents bed, and in his shame covers himself up under this huge comforter. When Bell enters the room to see how his son was doing, he notices a huge LUMP of kid in the shape of his son under the comforter. I wanted to cry as I tried to illustrate in a closing talk I gave on the need to recieve and to trust that God is about loving us no matter what we’ve done and that we need to allow and trust the family of God to express God’s forgivness through those around us. Phew. What an honor to tell kids that nothing can seperate us from the love of God.


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