The difference between a cop and a pastor…

For you faithful readers (the ten or so of you) I had a fun but sad conversation with a police officer this afternoon. I had called the police to notify a detective that my guitar had been found. The police officer had asked me if I were going to give the person who brought my guitar back the money he had lost in "buying" the guitar. The police officer insisted that I not give the person his money back because of this persons struggle with drugs and the fact that he was on probation. We had an interesting little discussion in that the police officer said, "you see we’re both about the same thing when it comes to helping this guy who I think took your guitar." "We’re both about rehabilitating this guy." "The only difference is that I want him in jail and you want him to have Jesus." He then asks, "what do you want me to do with this guy?" I said, "nothing." My only struggle now is I don’t want to contribute to his "stuff." I’d rather give him my guitar, go buy him a gift certificate for a guitar, or a bunch of food vouchers from a super market. What would you do?


3 thoughts on “The difference between a cop and a pastor…

  1. KC, I’ve said since seminary that you haven’t understood grace until it has offended you. And in this case, whatever you decide to do, it will be grace. You just have the uncomfortable job (usually reserved for God-types) of deciding how offensive your act of grace will be. Does he need money? Does he need food? A new suit of clothes? An invite to Thanksgiving dinner? I don’t know. I didn’t deserve salvation. I deserved, and might have made better use of, a lobotomy. Thank God I recieved the former. I think.

  2. KC:
    Having already had the lobotomy, I would advise giving him what he likely really needs – new life. Food and clothes might be a part of this, but not a gift certificate for a new guitar. Most importantly, I would want to start a relationship with this fellow, to the extent that you can.

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