In God They Trust…

Tom20evangelicals20frame1_1 (Brokaw interviewing Ted Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals) Tonight I watched NBC’s "In God They Trust… It was an interesting interview on evangelicals and their influence on politics…I’m not much of a politician…I heard some of the themes discussed tonight when I was in seminary. It’s tough. I know there are evangelicals who don’t want to be clumped into this "we love Jesus, we rock" type of Christianity. I also know that there are folks who are turned off by an evangelicalism that scares folks away because we’re labeled as the ultimate of Jesus freaks…not that there’s anything wrong with this…I’d be the first to admit this…this is where I appreciate the emergent discussion as a pastor. It excites me that both the right, the left, the middle, and the upside down are conversing on issues that have been tough to talk about as the body of Christ, a conversation that is pushing the church to becoming more of a missional body, going out into the world, being sent by Christ, to model and live out a gospel that draws the brokenhearted into the presence of God. If anything tonights interview is another reason to read books like the "Post-Evangelical." It’s not the answer, but it is a discussion that will force the church to go back to it’s roots…I wonder of Brokaw was following the liturgical calendar this weekend? Isn’t it Reformation Sunday this weekend? How would have Luther reacted to Brokaws interview?


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