In & Out…now Starbucks…

Starbucks_seesit1_1 I’m not sure yet how I feel about this. I think I’m on the middle and I don’t want to stifle what the holy spirit can do with folks who are very intentional and don’t want to be cheesy when it comes to the proclamation of the gospel. I also know this is old news. I saw it last week somewhere on yahoo news and just read it hear. Thanks to Pastor Warren who God is using in many ways, I now can drink my morning devotion in the form of a venti non-fat carmel machiatto…it’s a WWJD bracelet on a cup (I’m one of the dorks who got kids to buy the bracelets in the 90’s)?  How will those who are turned off by extreme evangelicalism react to Jesus junk on a cup? I’m almost finished with "The Post-Evangelical," and I’m guessing this would be one of those things that push some over the edge…when it comes to in your face Jesus junk…anyways…more power to Rick…maybe I’m just jealous that Starbucks didn’t come to me…I’m the one who continues to help their stock grow…I could of come up with some Jesus stuff for their cups…and maybe even make some of my money back he-he…

Dscn1934_3 (A local hangout…)


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