Worn down, torn up, and spewed out…but I still love it!

I just finished a day of fasting. Some of our youth participated in the 30 hour famine. It was the fist time in my ministry that I’ve ever encouraged or facilitated an event like this. Although I spewed on some of the event details, our focus was to think about what it meant to be with out. One exercise I was fascinated in watching was the way the kids responded from afar to one of our youth leaders who covered herself with some blankets during a game of "ware wolf." One kid ran by her…head covered and all…smacked her back…kept running…moments later ran by her again…and slipped a $5 bill under her blanket….I kid you not, I watched this…as we talked about it later and as the leader slowly walked into our youth room wrapped up in blankets…the mouths that dropped to the floor…priceless…I didn’t need to say anything else…what I enjoyed most was being with a group mostly made up of crazy wild and fun loving Jr. Highers who are thrilled to be alive…and we get to love them as Jesus loved them…I have the best job in the world…I now know why marko loves Jr. Highers…by the way…my new favorite oldie but goo-die…stolen from an youth specialties idea book (now on CD rom)was three rounds of "pew races"…the sanctuary floor is spotless for worship services in the morning…who says our youth don’t contribute! Anyways…pooped…I’ve now over carbed with the best post-youth event Sacramento carne asada burrito money can buy with my family at…"Adalbertos"….and spent some time at a feeding program our church started last month…which the Lord is overly blessing…I’m ever so grateful that I (even in the midst of learning from the Lord how to live out my faith in Christ as a young pastor)…get to live my life before Jr. Highers…


One thought on “Worn down, torn up, and spewed out…but I still love it!

  1. We have been doing the 30 Hour Famine now for 6 years and it consistantly is one of the best, most impactful events we do all year. Anytime we can do an event that gets students to take their focus off of themselves and onto the needs of others we’ve hit a bulls eye! It impacts our students in profound ways every year.

    I’m with you….I love Midde Schoolers! Man their fun!

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